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Output control of high speed dispenser for Li ion battery

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Lithium ion battery is a kind of battery which is converted into electric energy by chemical reaction. It was successfully developed by 索尼 Corp of Japan. Most of the batteries are used in battery truck industry, and the market demand is very broad. The production process of lithium ion batteries need to be positive and negative paste size has been coated on the surface of the metal foil, this process needs to be applied to high speed dispensing machine dedicated battery, battery high speed dispensing machine for very high control precision glue, can realize the lithium-ion battery value promotion,
Single position high speed dispenser
The high speed dispensing function of the battery can realize the high precision output control, mainly through the quantitative control valve, the quantitative control valve can support the use of glue is very much, all kinds of medium and high viscosity glue are applicable to the normal dispensing work, directly with the dispensing needle cylinder connection. In general the cell size potting higher, in addition to meet the basic requirements but also can make the slurry overflow, the best guarantee dispensing path uniform, to avoid affecting the normal use of the lithium ion battery, by controlling the glue dispensing valve is equipped with quantitative quantitative can effectively help the battery realize accurate high speed dispensing machine.
Floor type accumulator high speed dispenser
This quantitative dispensing valve is small in size and light in weight, and can accurately control the amount of glue output. It can not be drawn, no glue leakage, no glue overflow, and so on. It can help the battery high speed dispenser implement the filling work.
High speed dispenser for storage battery
The quantitative control valve after the treatment of glue, glue viscosity to achieve the best effect, will enhance the practicability of lithium ion battery, installation and demolition work is very simple, convenient operation and management personnel according to the needs of quantitative dispensing valve precision and durable, can deal with certain corrosive glue, more practical function more comprehensive.

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