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Dispensing notice of vertical high speed dispenser

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The main application of vertical high-speed dispensing machine for large package pipelined execution or adhesive work, perform high repetitive work will not affect the object use quality, ensure the high consistency of production needs, to meet the different needs of users in order to make a vertical high speed dispensing, dispensing function of high quality dispensing work, operators need to clear note some dispensing work.
Anaerobic adhesive
No matter what kind of dispensing machine, the glue requirements are generally higher, first of all, the strength of the glue should be established, and if you use special glue for dispensing, you need to do the appropriate preparation. When will the fast curing adhesive UV curing, in order to make it fast in high speed dispensing process, need to use colored rubber tube for high speed dispensing, amber or black needle can effectively avoid the adhesive cured quickly in the dispensing process. Anaerobic adhesive can be directly used by vertical high speed dispenser.
A syringe for storing glue
When the operator carries on the vertical high speed dispensing machine programming work, must first clear that the thing dispensing needs what dispensing pattern, if is carries on the thing to pack the work to need to produce the glue quantity to be many, usually needs to set the longer dispensing time. The use of high-speed dispenser mostly used in bonding work, so the dispensing path requirements are very accurate, the amount of glue to be accurately controlled, vertical high-speed dispenser support the use of CAD drawings direct mapping, easy to carry out special dispensing user needs.
Vertical high speed dispenser
The accessories of vertical high speed dispensing machine should be selected accordingly, such as dispensing valve and dispensing needle, etc. in order to guarantee the quality of high speed dispensing, it is better to choose the electric dispensing valve to handle the glue so as to ensure the stability of the glue release and eliminate the problem of leaking glue.

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