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Cleaning process of vertical high speed dispenser

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Vertical high speed dispensing machine is widely used in practical applications, mainly used in some high demand in the production line of dispensing, dispensing work platform broad and distinct, capable of dispensing package of various objects, high speed dispensing package for some large light timber furniture effect is very good, in order to ensure the high quality of dispensing effect for a long time. The best period of cleaning equipment.
Vertical vision high speed dispenser
Because the structure of vertical high speed dispensing machine is large, the cleaning work is best carried out separately, and the related parts are removed and cleaned one by one. The dispensing needle dispensing equipment is important work parts, if needles wear easily affect the normal work of the glue dispensing quality, stability is not guaranteed, the dispensing needle immersed in low intensity cleaner can effectively remove the dirt and foreign matter dispensing needles, if necessary, can directly replace the needles, avoid the loss caused by long-term use.
Special cleaning agent for high speed dispenser
Vertical high speed dispensing machine using dichloromethane or the same volatile solvents can play a good cleaning effect, this method cleaning effect is higher, but heavy pollution, which depends on the actual needs of the decision. For dispensing template cleaning, first of all, the surface of the pre cleaning work, and then the use of high strength cleaning agent on the surface of the manual cleaning work, pay attention to the high speed dispensing machine can not affect the normal operation.
Vertical high speed dispenser
Dispensing equipment cleaning investment and whether do the daily maintenance decision, the operator can pre cleaning work in the dispensing work is completed, the use of clean cloth to wipe the near vertical high speed dispensing machine, can effectively reduce the cleaning work of investment as well as the pre cleaning work has obvious advantages of high-speed dispensing machine.

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