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Normal working environment of high precision cantilever high

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In our use of high precision cantilever high speed dispenser normal dispensing work, the working environment for our production has a direct impact. The impact of the environment on the work may sometimes be fatal, not only the dispensing opportunities are affected, operators also have the same effect without exception. What happens to dispensing opportunities when there is a problem in the work environment?. Let's give you an explanation.
Large high-speed visual dispenser
The general working environment we need at a suitable temperature, because different glue, it is affected by temperature is different, their boiling point, fluidity, adhesive are due to temperature changes, should use air conditioning to adjust the indoor temperature in our production, if outdoors can adjust the temperature of the equipment installed in the pipeline. This can effectively control the temperature and keep it stable.
Visual floor type high speed dispenser
The degree of air drying also affected the normal operation of the dispensing work under certain conditions. General dispensing environment must be dry, static, dry environment, to avoid air moisture, appear a large number of water molecules, so that the glue in the process of dispensing bubble phenomenon. The solution is to use air drying machines in the working environment to absorb water molecules in the air and keep the air dry for a long time.
Floor type high speed dispenser
The work environment must be far away from the noisy noise, because of noise and vibration will make the process of glue dispensing machine needle offset dispensing makes the accuracy of the product, so that the glue point error occurred, so we work in the choice of location, must be far away from downtown. If there is a shock, you have to find the source and even move it away from the point of work.

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