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Irregular 5 axis high speed dispensing machine for dispensin

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The golden age of twenty-first Century belongs to the high development of science and technology, in the process of the production of high-tech products demand is also growing, called chip micro circuit is a part of many advanced electronic equipment, the function of the chip determines the equipment to play the effect, along with the progress of the chip manufacturing process of science and technology more and more excellent. A variety of small irregular chip also entered the market, under the influence of this trend on the chip production line is very high, of which five axis high speed dispensing machine as a package dispensing equipment, chip manufacturers can help implement effective and stable dispensing work package.
Chip packaging
Five axis high speed dispensing machine is mainly used to create flexible desktop, is its most prominent feature, can perform many irregular dispensing path through the five axis, the electronic product manufacturing industry is very small, like a chip this precious electronic parts of the production process is very strict, in order to make the chip can be used for a long time and not easily damaged, the five axis high speed dispensing package protection, dispensing slit high-speed dispensing machine is capable of executing irregular five axis, whether it is part of what kind of irregular slit chip can no dead speed glue, so the general chip package through protection characteristics of dust and impact resistance. Saving a lot of production cost for manufacturers.
Double station five axle high speed dispenser
In addition to the need for packaging protection chip production, has been in the mobile phone market dominance of the intelligent mobile phone production line also needs to be applied to the dispensing process, the chip pins were all dead by slit five axis high speed dispensing machine for dispensing, circuit board welding adhesive can play durable seismic effect in protection the index will rise to a single, effectively reducing the unsoldering looseness, so now most advanced mobile phone can be used to

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