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The use of five axis high-speed dispensing function for manu

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China's national economic level with the promotion of time, and now China's labor advantage has become the past, the cost of domestic labor and western developed countries almost the same, most of the production enterprises have put the investment in the automatic production of this piece. Five axis high-speed dispenser is a special dispensing equipment in the dispensing industry, and flexible five axis dispensing helps users need different dispensing work, so most manufacturers have a certain degree of attention to this dispensing equipment.
Single station five axis high speed dispenser
Five axis high speed dispensing machine with multi axis linkage mode, can carry out some irregular dispensing work either slit, large or small objects glue objects glue can respond freely, through the automatic positioning system can help users to perform accurate and efficient dispensing work, improve the yield and dispensing dispensing accuracy, can meet the most the needs of users. Through the easy to use PLC programming, the five axis high-speed dispenser has more dispensing possibilities, and it can be applied to a variety of docking or packaging effect is very good.
Five axis high speed dispenser
So what are the advantages of this five axis high-speed dispenser? Compared with manual dispensing, the power motor equipped with a dedicated five axis high speed dispensing machine, and support array programming, so that the dispensing efficiency has been further improved, and to ensure the quality and yield of dispensing work, high automation equipment anti-interference ability is higher than human, so as to satisfy the stability of batch production.
Hot melt adhesive five axis high speed dispenser
To continuously improve the level of production of modern, high-speed automation is an important indicator of the top station in the technology market, five axis high speed dispensing machine has a dispensing work for flexible manipulators, can work on five axis dispensing different objects, the operation is very user-friendly, with characteristics of the single computer even single machine, can help users save the rising labor costs.

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