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Wet treatment method of five axis high speed dispenser

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The market will be all dispensing wet, not only because the dispenser, and glue, both are vulnerable, five axis high speed dispensing machine is the same, for wet glue machine is still quite large, if serious can affect high-speed dispensing operation, there is a need to deal with these issues is a lot of ways.
Five axis high speed dispenser
Is the most effective way of wet workshop safety in large dryer, the workshop all wet dry control, so it cannot affect the five axis high speed dispensing operation, but it needs the cost will be higher than, usually in large factories have such conditions, but not cost-effective for small enterprises.
Five axis double station high speed dispenser
Large plant has its way to deal with, small factories have other methods to deal with, generally separate five axis high-speed dispenser drying treatment, the internal moisture will affect the dispensing effect, as long as the needle can prevent the problem of dispensing machine.
Small factories can use dry powder, put around five axis high speed dispensing wet air drying, so as not to enter inside the dispensing machine, also can effectively reduce the effects of humidity on the cost can be greatly reduced, if the enterprise has the ability to buy a dryer, a long time is the use of the machine would be better, the best customized a dryer this is not a waste of resources.
Five axis double liquid high speed dispenser
The use of five axis high speed dispensing machine in addition to pay attention to moisture problems, dispensing other issues also need to pay attention to, so as to build five axis high speed dispensing machine is the best, with some help in the production effect, good machine production of things is relatively good, now many sellers are focused on quality, no quality there is no market.

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