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Coordinate positioning programming of electric high speed gl

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Electric high-speed dispensing machine is a milepost dispensing industry, dispensing technology is in the total number of dispensing the best, the best, the configuration of the dispensing system has CCD vision positioning system best and convenient computer systems, these systems are to create a platform for the super high speed dispensing dispensing machine, re configuration high speed injection valve and electric motors and other accessories, with high-speed dispensing operation.
Three axis electric high speed glue machine
The use of electric high-speed dispensing machines need to be familiar with operation and visual positioning system, this system is different from the PLC programming system, each product change as long as the parameters change, then use a set of procedures, but the visual positioning is not the same, each product dispensing position is not the same, as long as the location is a bit different will affect the quality of products, and the visual positioning system is the transmission of a dispensing position, behind the error will follow error.
Single station electric high speed glue machine
In fact, the vision positioning system using electric high-speed dispensing machine is very simple, as long as remember its programming model, which can change the data, but the premise, every product needs to use the visual system to record the dispensing position, then the amount of data, these are parameters of the vision positioning system, in order to control the amount of glue electric high-speed dispensing machine.
Need to understand the electric high-speed dispensing glue point position, basic parameters and visual positioning programming, can write your own program, dispensing machine manufacturers can also help companies to write a program, but the manufacturers do not understand the process of making and dispensing product requirements, written procedures appear no business use, and dispensing quality will be become worse.
Double head electric high speed glue machine
The visual location program of electric high speed dispensing machine is relatively easy to learn. In order to facilitate the use of dispensing machines, the manufacturers also specially designed the teaching box, which contained all the systematic teaching methods, and could learn these programs in less than one hour.

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