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Preparation work before using five axis high speed glue disp

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Five axis high speed dispensing machine belongs to a multi axis dispensing machine, use a maximum of five axis high speed dispensing machine has the advantage of flexibility to various dispensing work, no matter what kind of objects are able to meet the needs of dispensing, if not done corresponding measures easily lead to yield reduction in the dispensing process, so the five axis high speed dispensing machine the need for the preparatory work before the normal work.
Single station five axis high speed glue machine
The glue dispensing supplies is necessary in the work of the special requirements of the manufacturing industry will be the use of special glue dispensing work, operating personnel in the operation of high speed glue dispensing before the first to make adjustments accordingly, here in a variety of special glue for example, quick drying glue light will quickly encounter UV curing, so high speed dispensing machine the best choice of needle amber or black, avoid in the dispensing process in the body rapidly solidified, affect the dispensing work coherence and the body's life.
Desktop five axis high speed glue machine
Five axis high speed dispensing function implementation of five axis flexible dispensing, applied to irregular seam dispensing effect is very good, in the normal work to ensure the dispensing dispensing parameters, if it is a large area of high demand can be the working time and dispensing dispensing dispensing speed, if the micro objects need to reduce amount of glue dispensing, to to ensure the quality of dispensing objects.
Dry glue
Besides working parameters and glue, the operator should prepare the normal dispensing working environment. The five axis high-speed dispensing machine requires higher working voltage and cannot be dispensed under the condition of unstable voltage, which is easy to affect consistency and consistency of dispensing. It is the best choice to spot glue in the environment without dust and moisture.

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