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The use of floor type high-speed spray machine is conducive

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Is the stage of rapid development in China's manufacturing industry, there are a variety of different styles of dispensing machine can meet in various manufacturing industries, including the function of various driving forms are also different, the floor type high speed spray machine belongs to a large area coating dispensing equipment, can effectively promote the work of dispensing different objects. The development of manufacturing industry.
Large pipeline type high speed spray machine
Floor type high-speed spray machine to product implementation of point line and arc pattern. It not only has the characteristics of high speed glue, but also can modify the working parameters instantaneously according to the property of the object.
The high speed jet technology is mainly realized by the injection valve, and the glue is sprayed to the spot glue product at high speed. The glue dispensing mode for dispensing through contact objects, avoid scratching objects and glue drawing phenomenon, it is also known as non contact methods, not only improve the speed but also improve the quality of dispensing dispensing materials, the conversion rate reached maximum. Not only this type of high speed glue machine also has the function of injection correction, which can reduce the dispensing deviation of the circulating spot glue.
Large high speed spray machine
It is not from the spray technology, but from the workbench used for the load-bearing adhesive products. Landing table type high speed dispensing machine using the dispenser and other difference is that the table floor type dispenser is much larger, so the floor type melter area is relatively large. In this way, more products can be loaded and the compatibility of other dispensers can be solved.

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