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Industry value-added appears again, and glue equipment will

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With the rising of China's economy, the industry practitioners in order to improve the sales and production, through the improvement of value-added products and has gradually become a necessary process, the use of various manufacturing industries of dispensing technology is very frequent, so the use of dispensing machine is more and more broad, types of dispensing equipment is also increasing. Now commonly used dispenser landing type high speed spray machine, AB dispensing machine, then what the industry will use these dispensing machine.
Large floor type high speed spraying machine
There are more and more kinds of glue dispensers now, and more and more industries can be put into application. There are mainly electronics and lighting industry, lighting industry and automobile industry.
Double station high speed glue machine
In recent years, due to the development and popularization of smart phones, and the huge profit margins of such electronic products, the total value of the electronic and electrical industry has increased considerably. In these industries because the production more and more demand for dispensing is also growing, and the electronics industry in the precision dispensing compared to other needs of the high precision dispensing industry production requirements are much lower, so the electronic products in the electronics industry, one of the main production but also most of the dispensing dispensing products.
Single station multi axis high speed glue machine
In addition to the electronic industry, the higher value-added lighting industry has the highest demand for glue processing. Because of the further anti war in the LED industry, the production of lighting products is also increasing, and the special glue dispenser in the LED industry is constantly increasing. Because the dispensing machine for LED products must use higher precision dispensers to complete the dispensing work, the demand for high precision dispensers in the LED industry is rising.

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