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The spray process will promote the further development of th

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Intelligent dispensing machine plays an important role in promoting China's manufacturing industry, which is very much the dispensing technology and dispensing machines, which is a kind of important glue dispensing technology, spraying machine and therefore has been widely used in manufacturing. So how to promote the development of spray process is the manufacturing industry?
Large high speed spray machine
The spray process is stronger than the general contact dispensing point. Floor type spray machine using a non-contact spray way, do not contact with the product will be able to complete the work of the glue coated products. The speed of the glue is faster and the quality is higher, and the input of the maintenance work can be reduced, and the maintenance time is effectively shortened. The spray machine also has an automatic correction function, to ensure the stability of accuracy in repeated dispensing dispensing work, so the floor type high speed spray machine in the manufacturing industry can apply the product dispensing dispensing more than general confidential.
Large vertical high-speed spray machine
The majority of manufacturing industries need to use the spray machine for high-speed spray work, such as the electronics industry, lighting industry, jewelry industry, automobile industry etc.. The value of jewelry depends on the appearance and quality of dispensing is not limited to bonding and packaging, gift in production has played a decorative effect, need high precision dispensing process in order to enhance the appearance of, if you want to gift dispensing with landing type high speed spray machine work best, can help enhance the beauty of the jewelry box and practical.
Pipeline type high speed spray machine
In the end, the spray process can extend the melter scope of work, promote the development of the manufacturing industry, dispensing efficiency and dispensing quality is ensured, greatly reducing maintenance investment.

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