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The spray will affect the normal working accuracy

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Glue dispensing is a floor type high speed spray glue machine glue, only need to determine the XY axis can be, without considering the height will be able to complete the work of this process is also called dispensing, non-contact dispensing. Glue dispensing machine will affect the working accuracy?
Large high speed NC glue machine
Glue dispensing called non-contact dispensing glue machine, contact dispensing machine than the biggest advantage is that dot size should be more uniform, can carry out large area coating work, so the applicability of landing type high speed spray machine more widely. Not only does not affect the working accuracy, but also improves the working precision of the product. Not only that using high-speed spray can in high demand in the production line, the correction function with high speed jet spray, so long in the ground type high speed glue machine glue will not affect the accuracy of repeated dispensing, the floor type high speed spray machine has wider application scope and practicability.
The glue machine can realize batch spray, spray type high-speed landing function for large area coating, applied to each profession has its originality. The spray can make the investment of time and money maintenance greatly reduced, causing the dispensing valve through the mist treatment after the pressure is very small, cleaning and maintenance time is greatly shortened, can help users to complete more dispensing work.
Large high speed spray machine
At present the spray compared contact methods have more advantages, the application scope of domestic injection process than contact dispensing a wider and more practical, through real-time coordinate positioning can enhance the precision of dispensing, dispensing area can be adjust according to the actual situation of the workpiece, so the spray will not affect the normal production.

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