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Normal working environment of multi axis high speed glue mac

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Multi axis high-speed dispensing machine belongs to a flexible high speed dispensing equipment, able to dispense flexible, high requirements for production environment of normal industrial production, in order to make the dispensing to maximize the effect, need to be in normal working environment in order to achieve the best effect of dispensing.
Single station multi axis high speed glue machine
The best choice is to perform high-speed dispensing work in dry environment, generally in the rainy weather to affect the normal use of the effect of the glue, glue quality under the influence of environment variation directly affects the effect of dispensing in the long-term, can easily lead to damage to the adverse working environment in dispensing equipment, although the function of high speed dispensing axis dispensing, but susceptible to damp effect sometimes lead to mechanical arm linkage dispensing Caton, can keep the work environment through the purchase of air dryer drying, and can play a certain role in the regulation of temperature, the dispensing items will be affected by the environment.
Three axis automatic glue dispenser
To ensure that an important potential for high speed dispensing dust-free working environment can not be ignored, multi axis manipulator will produce some electrostatic field during normal use, static electricity will absorb some dust to arm every corner position, so sometimes will find the manipulator work Caton, operating personnel in the best it can also clean the dust in a timely manner, to avoid clogging caused by the accumulation of many times.
Hot melt adhesive three axis high speed glue machine
Electrostatic is also need to pay attention to the problem mentioned above, the air dryer to avoid the environment is too dry, as long as the effect can be reached for the environment is too dry, easy to make multi axis high speed dispensing machine in electrostatic work, due to the dust accumulation of normal use.

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