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The normal working environment of a vertical high speed glue

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Vertical high speed dispensing machine has a very important position in the dispensing industry, large work platform can help users to set the parameters of batch dispensing work, make the operation easier and more accessible through the PC side, so it has a very important role in various industries, to ensure the normal working environment of the vertical high speed dispensing machine better to complete dispensing work.
Ground LED high speed glue dispenser
Like the general dispensing machine, the vertical high-speed dispensing machine has almost no difference in working temperature and humidity. The normal working environment is 0-40 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is about 20%-80%. We must prevent the high-speed dispenser from storing or working in corrosive environment. We should also avoid the direct impact of the sunlight on the body, and avoid using other interfering devices at normal work. Besides the above factors, we must also ensure that the working environment is clean and clean, so that the vertical high-speed dispensing system can better finish various dispensing works.
Vertical double liquid high speed glue machine
The glue is an important factor affecting the overall quality of the glue dispensing, to non turbid and transparent, and the dust in the air to foreign body affecting the quality of the glue dispensing, so to ensure that the working environment is very important, the operator should be in surplus glue water recovery complete dispensing work, and check the use of high-speed dispensing machine and if the surrounding with foreign body should be removed, to avoid affecting the quality of the dispensing body.
Vertical high speed glue machine
Periodic cleaning and maintenance work to ensure the dispensing work better, if the vertical high speed dispensing machine is not used for a long time it is necessary to conduct a cleansing work, try to avoid the use of highly corrosive and irritating cleanser, customize a periodic cleansing plan can make better use of dispensing equipment.

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