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The spray quality will be affected by the related accessorie

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Floor type high speed spray machine parts quality easily by dispensing effect when glue. If the parts appear serious wear will directly affect the quality of spraying machine work. In addition to the use of adhesive material and types of accessories will also cause a certain impact. So the spray quality by fitting effect.
Large NC high speed spray machine
The use of floor type high speed spray machine before you check the working parts, such as bearings, nuts and other related accessories, these easy to wear in the normal dispensing work, therefore in the spray after the completion of the work to carry out maintenance and maintenance work on the floor type high-speed spray machine. To understand whether the glue type will affect, some special glue cannot be dispensed directly, so we must go through special treatment to use these special glue for dispensing, otherwise we can't achieve the best dispensing effect.
Floor type high-speed visual glue dispensing machine
The special effect of landing system type high speed spray machine for spraying quality is relatively large. For example, the visual positioning system, the visual positioning system is mainly composed of CCD cameras and processors. The function is to transform the optical signals collected from the dispensing products on the execution system, and then transform them into electrical signals to form images. After processing by the processor, it will finally transmit to the main control system, which is convenient for the operators to observe the work and modify the working parameters of dispensing.
Vertical speed glue dispensing machine vision
Other related accessories of high-speed spray machine will also affect the quality of the spray, but the influence is not the same, this kind of dispensing needle dispensing valve, main control precision spraying accessories have great effect on the quality of spraying glue. The possibility of the glue barrel and the manipulator to influence the precision of the glue is less.

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