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Use of double component glue to strengthen the bonding stren

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Usually in the production of metal products, there are many parts to be used to complete the glue bonding operation, but due to the nature of the metal surface appears and other different materials, ordinary glue can not complete bonding work, so we use the glue and what kind of equipment is the production of users need to solve the problem in binding, the following by making small for all users to analyze what can glue bonding operation of metal?
Large double component high speed glue machine
If you want to know what to good use of metal glue for bonding, we must start from the beginning to understand the nature of the metal. The main reason is that the metal surface is not sensitive to, because the stable chemical properties of metals in the bonding operation in most has discharged. Therefore the glue bonding problem of metal has been plagued by production of metal products the manufacturers, so stick with what kind of metal glue good? How to choose what kind of glue to a very good bonding effect to metal?
If it is needed to be adhered to the metal, I suggest it is best to use two-component glue, because the metal is a kind of bonding material is difficult, and is in need of metal surface treatment agent with supporting the use of the first use of metal processing, metal surface treatment agent, silica gel and volatile after the two components the glue on the bonding,
Double liquid high speed glue machine
The two-component glue can usually produce curing at room temperature, through the selection of adhesive materials or adding catalyst to enhance the curing speed, it is not only beneficial to improve the curing speed, adhesion in quality is also much higher than ordinary glue, to improve the quality of high speed double liquid dispensing machine is good.

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