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The metal bonding work is accomplished by a double liquid hi

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With the application of dispenser expanding, all kinds of dispensing machine such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance in the dispensing market. So why there will be so many different kinds of dispensing equipment? The answer is definitely different for dispensing equipment industry is different, the glue is also different. For example: silicone glue machine mainly the main application of silicone glue control, the industry is mainly the mobile phone shell, mobile phone ornaments, mobile phone seat, anti-static wrist strap, anti-static bracelet, TV shell of some of the more precision dispensing industry, there are many, such as equipments such as hot melt glue dispenser, anaerobic adhesive dispensing machine, glue dispensing machine, non contact dispensing machine and so on, in so many different types of equipment in high speed double liquid dispensing machine is one of the models, the application of the double liquid high speed dispensing machine in the industry wide production Are they all used in those industries?
Desktop double component high speed glue dispenser
Now more and more metal production are need to use glue to bond, but due to the surface properties of the metal is special, with rejection of most glue, so many metal industries in the choice of glue and equipment use tend to worry, do not know how to start, I want to say it really is not difficult, as long as the choice of two components the glue will be smoothly done or easily solved, two-component glue is mainly composed of two groups of glue mixture, glue and catalyst, through the catalyst, the glue in the bond performance is more excellent. Especially in metal, glass, plastic and other special materials.
Desktop double liquid high speed glue machine
Two-component glue is good, but because of the strong glue viscosity, special nature, ordinary dispensing equipment is unable to control it, but the high speed double liquid dispensing machine on the contrary, it can control the good two-component glue on the metal material products complete dispensing operation.

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