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The working characteristics of the visual high speed glue di

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Each dispenser has different characteristics, with the use of technology and accessories manufacturing dispensing machine has a relationship, because there are a lot of dispensing machine accessories on the market, each kind of dispensing machine parts using different collocation will use different dispensing mode, so the emergence of the different characteristics of the work of dispensing machine, use different the characteristics of the industry will also be different, for example: glue machine, used for LED bulb or power supply for dispensing glue, glue dispensing effect as glue machine.
Desktop visual high speed glue machine
High speed dispensing machine vision also has its own characteristics, speed is one of them, dispensing machine generally are unable to achieve high speed dispensing speed, the best is used on the production line, which is the different dispensing machine used in rubber in different environment, is because of the different use of accessories so.
Large visual high speed glue machine
In addition to speed, positioning is relatively good working characteristics of visual system of high-speed dispensing, this feature is the dispenser is the most outstanding one, in the production process, if the product or mechanical arm appeared automatic shift problems, the use of this system can still complete dispensing tasks, and dispensing error is about 0.01mm. The other is unable to complete the glue dispensing machine functions such as.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
High speed dispensing machine is a visual comparison of good features, is the visual system, this system is the use of German technology and manufacture, can transmit the product data, dispensing machine can locate dispensing, also because of the use of visual high-speed dispensing machine can accurately find the dispensing position, so the use of different parts can be the use of different dispensing functions, such as: the use of jet injection valve dispensing machine, you can use the non-contact dispensing mode.

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