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The correct operation of the visual high speed glue machine

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High speed vision dispensing machine to meet most needs of the dispensing industry, dispensing work through the visual positioning system can be performed with high accuracy, both the production field of electronic parts of high demand or light manufacturing production line needs to be applied to the dispensing process of high quality, so the visual status can reflect high-speed dispensing machine, operators can skillfully the visual function operation of high-speed dispensing greatly improve the production capacity.
Large visual high speed glue machine
High speed dispensing machine with visual working plane large, can also carry out work for the dispensing of a plurality of products, using the English windows interface, convenient dispensing personnel fast operation, with a full range of automatic dispensing products, CCD HD positioning can strengthen glue accuracy, depend on the fixed tool is very small, no matter the production of products placed what angle can automatic identification, dispensing work to perform accurate work, greatly improve the quality and efficiency of production yield, more practical than manual dispensing speed, the high speed dispensing machine to complete the high visual quality and high efficiency requirements of dispensing.
Large visual high speed glue machine
Because of the visual function to connect to the PC high-speed dispensing end programming, so the operator should be proficient in dispensing work system, ensure working parameters related to achieve practical requirements, support the use of PLC path programming also supports the use of CAD dispensing directly into the work design for dispensing work. Please check whether the parts can be put into application in the dispensing, dispensing needle to ensure high precision without deviation to avoid dispensing point at the leak problem, and to check whether the normal operation of the air compressor, if the compressor does not work easily affect the dispensing work continuity, dispensing directly reduces the yield.

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