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Using a visual high speed glue machine to improve the precis

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Dispensing equipment plays an important role in the manufacturing industry, bonding, packaging, sealing work in the production process need to be done by dispensing equipment, in some high precision production line need high precision dispensing machine work, especially the production of high performance electronic dispensing machine dependent, effectively enhance the precision of dispensing products through the use of visual high-speed dispensing function.
Large visual high speed glue machine
The most significant visual function is high speed dispensing machine vision positioning system, only need to dispensing objects placed directly in the work platform through the automatic dispensing location coordinates can be, can guarantee the consistency of the gluing work is very comprehensive, through the PC display working status to facilitate the operator to change the parameters according to the actual situation, the application of visual electronic high speed dispensing machine the industry will effectively enhance the bonding quality of the chip package and PCB board, greatly improve the product value and practicability.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
The programming work than the traditional dispensing machine is convenient, support the use of PC programming can also be connected with the manual teaching device to complete the path dispensing programming, using imported servo motor drive mode, effectively improve the stability of high speed dispensing and consistency of visual high speed dispensing machine supports batch products at the same time set for dispensing, dispensing to array at the same time dispensing of multiple small objects, ensure the dispensing efficiency and dispensing quality, create more benefits for the needs of production.
Vertical high speed glue machine
The visual high-speed dispensing machine supports a lot of glue for dispensing. Of course, some special glue need to use targeted cartridge. Generally speaking, the application of visual high-speed dispenser can improve the quality of dispensing and ensure the accuracy of dispensing.

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