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The targeted application industry of the visual high speed g

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High speed dispensing machine vision to provide important help for the development of manufacturing industry, through visual high-speed dispensing can meet the different needs of the dispensing work, whether in work or in work package bonding are in need of such high precision dispensing mode, embodies the practicality and value of this high speed dispensing equipment, can be applied to high speed dispensing vision the industry is very much.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
A strong dependence on the intelligent equipment in the electronics industry production in the field of electronic industry, now mostly have abandoned the traditional manual dispensing mode into intelligent dispensing equipment to perform, the flexible circuit board in the electronic industry path coating and chip package work can be done through visual high-speed dispensing machine, by positioning the visual system can carry out accurate high-speed dispensing glue filling work for each product accurately, but also even correct path for dispensing the flexible circuit board through the program setting, to ensure complete components bonded on the flexible circuit board, greatly enhance the practicability of the circuit board.
Large visual high speed glue machine
In the lighting industry of dispensing technology demand is higher, with the market demand continues to increase its production demand is gradually rising, the visual speed dispensing machine in the lighting industry plays a very important role in bonding strength and quality of the base and the lamp LED lamp, determines the service life of the product, through the visual function of high speed dispensing the overall glue coating on lamp base, not only to complete such a lamp in the chip package also need to work through the high speed dispensing equipment, quality of large work platform visual high-speed dispensing machine to complete dispensing high demand guarantee.

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