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The advantages of the visual high speed glue dispenser

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In the electronics industry in the production process, the application of visual high-speed dispensing machine is essential, the electronic chip package of work to be done by the visual high-speed dispensing machine, can greatly improve the quality of the chip package and service life, so the visual high-speed dispensing machine is how to complete the high demand dispensing task?
Large visual high speed glue machine
The most prominent visual high-speed dispensing machine is the visual location system. The operator will put the product on the work platform before working normally. It can feedback the corresponding working parameters through visual location scanning, and it can meet the dispensing work of various products without adjusting. The working platform of the visual high-speed dispensing machine can place multiple dispensing products, support multiple workpieces and do array dispensing at the same time. The 3D high-speed dispensing mode can completely and seamlessly encapsulate the external parts of the chip, so as to ensure that the visual high-speed dispensing machine completes the high demand dispensing quality.
The traditional manual dispensing efficiency does not have the advantage of high speed dispensing machine, because the focus linked with operator's manual dispensing, dispensing when the effect and quality of the operators are not able to focus on high-speed dispensing can easily affect the chip, directly affects the efficiency of chip package, intelligent operating system of high speed dispensing machine can fully meet the high demand for dispensing, to ensure the stability and consistency of dispensing work.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
Visual high-speed dispensing machine is equipped with special dispensing valve to complete dispensing work more efficiently, with high precision and high quality features used in chip package will enhance the quality of the chip, long-term work in the case does not affect the normal use, and have certain dustproof and moistureproof effect, enhance the service life of the chip.

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