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The advantages of multi head high speed glue dispenser

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The emergence of high-speed dispensing machine has provided important help for high demand production line, and the multi head high-speed dispenser is a special high-speed dispensing equipment. Compared with other dispensing machines, it has more advantages and helps users complete more efficient and comprehensive dispensing.
Single station multi head high speed glue machine
Long high-speed dispensing and long dispensing machine generally has the very big difference, long ordinary dispensing machine mainly through manual dispensing, dispensing through the controller by more than one person operation, manual dispensing machine needs long human consumption is high, and multiple high-speed dispensing machine through a plurality of glue outlet simultaneously with high quality and high efficiency of the dispensing work suitable for dispensing in various parts, small size, greatly enhance the production capacity of dispensing.
In high demand in the production line, in addition to meet the quality of dispensing work, the most important is to ensure the consistency and integrity of the finished product dispensing operation, dispensing through the arm long high-speed dispensing machine high speed and accurate and high speed vision dispensing machine vision positioning system, can guarantee the small product dispensing uniform, the the imported precision stepper motor as the driving mode, ensure the stability and efficiency of the work of the dispensing, dispensing work more high demand for users.
Desktop multi head high speed glue machine
The practical application of long high-speed dispensing machine can avoid many common dispensing bad problems, complete external sealing to ensure that the problem of air leakage glue and ran into such does not appear to work, strong glue to avoid the problems of precision drawing to enhance the quality of the finished products, dispensing and appearance, application of support for many kinds of glue dispensing work more comprehensive that has important application in the work package COB package and small electronic products in.

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