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Misunderstandings in the operation of glue dispensing equipm

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The emergence of dispenser has brought great convenience to our work, full automatic working mode saves human resources and material resources for the user, directly out of the traditional manual dispensing, of course, the use of dispensing equipment there are some errors, if clear operator does not work easily affect the dispensing and normal.
Dry glue
The use of glue dispensing machine is adjusted according to the specific requirements of the curing curve given by the manufacturer can strengthen the effect of the use of glue and conversion rate, but most operators did not take into account the actual situation, the general glue is stored in a specific environment and convenient use again, need to have some glue buffer time to normal use take out after use, if the operator does not pay attention to this point can affect the bonding quality and bonding effect in the dispensing process.
Desktop multi head high speed glue machine
Multiple high-speed dispensing machine is commonly used for dispensing equipment in high demand fields, long high speed dispensing machine has the following advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high quality, equipped with vacuum suction valve can also be used for processing the glue drip and drawing, so long high-speed dispensing installs the vacuum suction valve to deal with the dispensing work the problem.
Amber cartridge
The needle is also an important factor affecting the dispensing work quality, according to the different nature of the glue should choose different needle, needle can use general application of glue dispensing operation most researchers believe that if in fact the use of special glue is not applicable, such as UV, need to use specific amber needles to normal dispensing, and the length of needles in diameter specifications can be half the diameter of the glue dot, the practical application can play a very efficient dispensing effect.

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