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Use of double component high speed glue machine to improve t

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Two-component glue with adhesive strength is very strong, mainly used in bonding between the product and the substrate, the two-component glue need to put into use in certain proportion to require special dispensing equipment application of two-component glue dispensing, using a two-component high-speed dispensing function will two-component glue effect to maximize play, effectively enhance the bonding effect of two-component glue by high speed dispensing machine.
Desktop double component high speed glue machine
Two component high speed dispensing machine supports a variety of two-component glue ratio, the ratio of 3:1 to support 1:1 glue, equipped with two special plastic barrels used to store two barrels of fluid, A assembly glue, B barrel assembly to strengthen the bond strength of the catalyst, the two components of high speed dispensing machine inside the automatic mixing the function of the two-component glue with a certain ratio to achieve efficient adhesive strength, automatic intelligent operating system to help the operator to make better use of two-component glue dispensing, dispensing valve and screw the two-component glue can not fully reflect the adverse effect of bubble etc.. In the product's dispensing work to achieve precision, enough glue enough to facilitate the use of more high demand production line.
In the application of two-component glue dispensing production, cannot do without high speed dispensing this high practicability, most of two-component glue dispensing equipment ratio control effect is poor, the ordinary dispensing machine for mixing ratio of glue can not achieve the expected bond strength, while the intelligent dynamic two-component mixing the glue bonding strength reaches maximum, fully meet the high demand of production work with high quality and high efficiency of the working mode of dispensing.
Single station double liquid high speed glue machine
The adhesive sealing link of the product has high dependence on the double component high speed glue dispenser, which effectively improves the quality and value of the production work.

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