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High precision dispensing needs to be completed by a meterin

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In recent years, the manufacturing industry for the development of the market and continuously improve the production quality of the work, through a variety of high performance equipment to complete more comprehensive production work, effectively improve the quality of dispensing and dispensing, which belongs to an important manufacturing technology in the work of quality operation can enhance the bonding and product packaging through standard equipment. The electronic industry requires very high precision for the dispensing equipment. If the coating package is needed, it can be completed by using a metering high speed glue machine.
Micrometer high speed glue machine
Weighing type high speed dispensing machine is the biggest can accurately control the quantity of cement to achieve high precision dispensing, equipped with metering screw dispensing valve to help users achieve a higher quality of the production work, can use a variety of glue dispensing, but also equipped with a variety of special fluid dispensing, metering type high speed dispensing machine is generally used in the production of small products in the work, because this kind of products need to be filled without slit overflow, so need metering type high speed dispensing machine with high precision, easy operation and programming, only need to connect the teaching device path point coordinates can support a variety of different ways of glue.
Single station measuring type glue dispenser
In the production of electronic components metering type high speed dispensing work has played an important role in the chip package as an example, the chip package need high precision dispensing consistency, metering and dispensing can finish the work well packaged chips, do not leak glue spills and coating uniformity, improve the use effect and package the quality of the chip, the chip can work for a long time without damage.
Chip packaging
In addition to the production and application in the electronics industry, it has strong applicability in other precision production, such as small jewelry production, LCD screen dispensing, etc., can be completed by metering high-speed dispensing machine.

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