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The advantages of the measuring type high speed glue dispens

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The dispensing machine is mainly used in the production of adhesive, encapsulation, dispensing machine market demand high precision measurement is very high, in the same type of high-speed dispensing equipment in the dispensing machine through the precise control to control the quantity of cement and glue efficiency, make it more performance advantages can be widely used in the dispensing work quality requirements in the high.
Micrometer high speed glue dispenser
The dispensing work metering dispensing function applied to a variety of high speed high precision, easy to adjust the parameters through the digital control system, which can keep the dispensing quality consistent with the work requirements, adopts the imported servo motor as the driving mechanism, high repeatability and good quality plastic dispensing process stable low error, used in high demand the production line can ensure that the operating system, to enhance the simple adjustment of the operating personnel, dispensing work to applicable to all industries in the.
The servo driver of the glue dispenser
Metering type suitable for high-speed dispensing various glue dispensing, applying glue more comprehensive in its applicable range, automatic dispensing mode is helpful to improve the bonding quality of products, reduce investment in human resources consumption, to avoid the low efficiency and low quality manual dispensing, for the needs of users save more supplies and time. To achieve high quality production technology.
Dry glue
The metering function of high-speed dispensing real-time modification of parameters, so the accuracy of adjustment error is very small, generally small products due to the fine structure of the coating requires very high accuracy requirements, stable glue evenly, ensure that the products have high strength adhesive effect, and dispensing machine of its kind has a higher price. These are the measurement type high speed dispensing work advantage.

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