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Adjustment of convenient parameters by using digital display

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With the continuous expansion of the industry in the dispensing technology application, more and more for the dispensing of the market, dispensing equipment market selling with automation and high performance, such as high speed precision dispensing machine production demand in most industries, and high speed digital work dispensing dispensing machine is mainly used in high precision, can to help users solve the problem most of the dispensing.
Desktop digital display high speed glue machine
Digital display function is realized through the dispensing dispensing controller, using LED display mode convenient for operator to perform the adjustment of parameters, such as speed, glue, glue dispensing pressure, in order to meet the requirements of a more comprehensive dispensing industry, used in the high-speed production line can improve the quality of dispensing products. The digital display high-speed dispensing machine has the function of vacuum suction, which is used to deal with the problems of glue leakage and wire drawing frequently occurred during dispensing process, so that the appearance of dispensing products will not be affected, and the production needs can be met through manual dispensing and quantitative dispensing.
Micro glue controller
Most of today's requirements on the accuracy of the production line is very high, such as small parts of the production of high precision high speed dispensing machine dependent, use digital high-speed dispensing can meet the demand for the quantity and quality of the production, the general application of low viscosity glue dispensing, dispensing machine adopts high speed digital display microprocessor digital control circuit. The effect of dispensing products tends to be consistent and efficient, high speed digital dispensing machine adopts pneumatic flow control glue dispensing, without too much preparation can work fast and accurate dispensing of the product.
Small glue controller
The quality of coating, bonding or packaging of electronic products is inseparable from the help of high-performance dispensing equipment. The digital display high-speed dispensing function helps users adjust their working parameters more conveniently, and meet the production needs of more industries.

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