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Industry application expansion to drive the sales of glue eq

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With the rapid development of science and technology in recent years and the economy and further promote the application of some hot industry demand, dispensing equipment market will usher in a period of development of the world and domestic gold new. Which take the semiconductor manufacturing and packaging applications! According to the relevant departments to provide data analysis shows that in 2017 the domestic semiconductor and automotive electronics the equipment market will reach 40 billion yuan. The domestic relevant person once said: hot industry to promote the development of rubber industry in China was undoubtedly the most auto parts industry, intelligent mobile phone industry, LED lamp industry.
Desktop three axis high speed glue machine
The automotive electronics as one of the important markets of the global industry leader Xiao Genfu Rogge dispensing German company once said: as the car gradually into ordinary people's home, more and more high-tech features will be used in the car carrier, the first generation replacement tide, the high-end automotive electronic products demand will further increase, for the dispensing the demand for equipment with high reliability and precision and modularization is very great.
It also requires the dispensing market to provide a high-quality, high-speed dispensing equipment for creating good conditions, such as digital display high-speed dispensing machine to enhance the quality of products, which is the first sentence used by every user after application.
Phone screen glue
The application of improved in recent years, labor cost constantly, the domestic electronics manufacturers began to buy dispensing equipment to complete the production of automation products, such as intelligent mobile phone camera module, toughened film production automation and integrated circuit protective coating industry automation and so on, are gradually replaced manual dispensing automation will become an inevitable road of social development. Of course sales this also led to automatic dispensing machine, high-speed dispensing machine led by a series of dispensing equipment market.

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