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Bottom filling using high speed glue machine

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This underfill is often used in the electronic industry, in order to meet some special requirements of the beginning of the dispensing, underfill technology in order to meet the needs of ceramic production, with the development of technology has been gradually applied to the chip package in the electronics industry, the use of this chip encapsulation effect than expected, this is also a great with the use of high speed dispensing machine, glue machine performance comparison was used in these industries.
Semiconductor filling dot glue
High speed filling dispenser is a mature equipment has high advantage in dispensing speed, basically no dispenser can speed beyond its speed, with high speed, the other dispensing technology is good, high requirements in underfill still can meet, or high-speed dispensing the machine is not able to use the bottom filling technology.
Large and high speed filling machine
Underfill technology very suitable for electronic industry production now, using other methods can not meet the chip inventory, and then gradually the bottom dispensing mode, initially no underfill technology enterprises on expectations, just try whether can get the results you want, try the effect of dispensing, to finally make all the people were amazed, and this technology was gradually spread out.
Visual high speed filling machine
Chip dispensing, demand technology strictly, but also have higher requirements for the production speed, production speed faster, the enterprise can win more benefits, dispensing machine can satisfy these conditions not much, high speed dispensing machine is one of them, and the other is the only dispensing speed or accuracy only, soon after high speed dispensing machine, use the glue dispensing effect is very good, the product is quite good.

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