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Industry application of bottom filling technology

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Underfill technology is a very good technology, many industries are able to use this technology, but also solve the problem for many industries, high-speed dispensing machines are required to use the bottom filling technology to meet the needs of the industry, there is no such technology, it is not up to the needs of the industry, the use of technology and equipment selection it is important that a little deviation will result in bad products.
Filling dot glue on semiconductor chip
High speed dispensing machine using underfill technology is generally used for electronic chip packaging industry, because here is a chip pad need for dispensing, dispensing machine that can meet the general dispensing industry demand, so the choice of high speed dispensing machine filling technique using the bottom, so as to meet the requirements of the chip package.
Underfill technology is the beginning for ceramic dispensing, because each ceramic bottom is the need to fill the earth, so people gradually develop the technology through the development of the times, and gradually extended to other industries, in rubber industry is the best example, high-speed filling dispensing technology is imitated at that time what technology.
Desktop high speed filling machine
In addition to more than two industries, underfill technology can also be used for organic laminate and circuit board, which is applied to the industry, the scope is very broad, one can now use the list appears, underfill technology could have a certain relationship between the high speed dispensing machine, because now use technologies have glue so, the production of the product quality will have better enhance the use of high-speed dispensing machine.
Large and high speed filling machine
High speed filling dispenser is a good dispensing equipment, and the price is also cheaper. Suitable for large, medium and small businesses, the dispensing technology of this dispenser is very mature, and there will be no problems in operation.

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