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The type of the glue dispenser determines its practical use

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Dispensing it is a general term, which is also divided into many different types of dispensing equipment, such as: high speed filling dispenser, double liquid AB dispenser, large vision dispensing machine, precision dispensing machine and so on, the application of different types of dispensing machine is also very different, very different to the use of industry so far, choose when need to pay attention to each dispenser dispensing equipment can be used in the industry.
Large and high speed filling machine
High speed filling dispenser capable of filling technology application in the chip package using the bottom, according to the requirements of the chip package manufacturing a device, regardless of speed or dispensing areas have a very good fit, can reduce dispensing problems, the production quality is good for many other types of dispensing machine, which is called the dispensing machine type determines its use.
Desktop type two-component AB high-speed dispensing machine
Double liquid AB dispenser with high-speed filling dispensing machine is a special equipment, the dispenser can be two or more than two kinds of glue, generally have two different rubber tube, prevent glue and glue barrel catalyst in chemical reaction products, need to be mixed in the dispensing valve. For dispensing after solidification, AB is characteristic of A glue and B (catalyst) mixed before solidification.
According to the above two kinds of dispenser can be summed up, dispensing different kinds of application of industry or glue is a certain distinction, enterprises in the choice of dispensing machine, need to understand the products need to use what dispensing, dispensing this configuration out, is the industry really need equipment.
Semiconductor chip filling
The bottom is filled with high speed dispensing machine is through numerous experiments prove that the high speed dispensing glue chip packaging technology this effect is the best choice, dispensing is to be able to meet or improve the effect of the production floor, chip sealing or choose high speed dispensing machine better.

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