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Accurately controlling the quality of the glue to improve th

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The dispensing technology has become an important industry, has a dispensing technology, different in different industries, in the practical application of underfill has become an important technology in the production of the chip, the chip underfill with high-speed dispensing machine to complete, there are many kinds of promotion quality and efficient way of dispensing dispensing, learn to operate precisely control of high speed dispensing glue can improve product filling quality.
High speed glue dispenser for single station hot melt adhesive
Chip filling is to make it have a better effect, the utility of chip filling has been further improved, first in the cement volume control to meet the demand of the production precision, filling process of chip needed to achieve accurate and complete filling, if the effect of coating glue more easily affect the effect of chip. Normal use.
Table type single station high speed glue machine
In order to ensure that the chip has better effect and sealing quality, through the use of high-speed filling dispenser to complete the precise filling of the chip, high-speed filling dispenser working platform is large, support a variety of different products for dispensing, properties of the multi position recognition function to more accurately control the product dispensing, dispensing filling the work is applied to irregular objects, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of production,
Semiconductor chip packaging
In addition to the chip filling link is applied to high-speed filling dispenser, filled with potting in fact most industry can through high-speed filling dispensing machine to achieve high precision calibration to reduce supplies of the investment funds, strengthen product quality and practicality, to help users complete filling work more comprehensive.

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