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Problems needing attention in chip packaging

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Chip package technology is the requirement for precision dispensing domestic rubber industry is very high, ordinary three axis dispensing machine or desktop dispensing machine can not meet the basic requirements of chip package dispensing, requires the use of large equipment in dispensing machine, precision and speed can meet the demand of chip package, but in the process of operation of dispensing machine need to pay attention to some dispensing problems, these problems are affecting the dispensing operation.
Semiconductor chip packaging
Large dispensing dispensing machine has good function in normal operation, basically does not have what problem, the use of a large number of parts, support function and stability of the whole machine is mainly dispensing, dispensing with good effect, because of the use of high-end accessories, so it will be easier to use. Each device has a certain operating procedure, and there will be a problem that does not follow these steps.
What is the problem with underfill dispensing problems with high-speed dispensing opportunities, wire drawing, leakage and so on, the operation problems are not good control parameters, mixing ratio of glue dispensing wrong, mechanical maintenance problem of lubrication and abrasion degree, larger parts, these are the problems, also need to pay attention to the problem, some are more common the problem, but more common in small dispensing machine, large dispensing machines are generally operating and maintenance problems are more.
Vertical and high speed glue machine
The use of any dispensing equipment will need to pay attention to the situation, to develop a suitable large high-speed dispensing machine production mode according to different circumstances, it can solve some unnecessary problems, can not let a lot of dispensing, so as not to affect the dispensing product quality, especially the chip package in particular, need careful dispensing.

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