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The stability of the equipment is closely related to the qua

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The scope of the dispensing of corresponding expansion, bonding, packaging, glue the majority of the industry is accomplished by dispensing, dispensing can help users save most of the manpower cost, yield and quality be improved, dispensing function high performance to help complete the dispensing work more comprehensive users, ensure the stability of dispensing the machine will help to strengthen the quality of dispensing products.
Hot melt adhesive high speed glue machine
How to strengthen the stability of glue machine, glue machine accessories and the quality of work and working environment are related, prone to affect the normal work of the quality of the user long-term use of dispensing, dispensing work exists when part of electrostatic dust absorption, to guide electrostatic long-term work, causing the robot arm to move without glue Chang, operators need to regularly remove this part of the dust to normal dispensing, so regular equipment maintenance is very important, can make the maintenance cycle in order to strengthen the dispensing service life and the work effect.
Desktop high speed glue machine
Related accessories will also affect the quality of the dispensing work, if the user needs more stable dispensing should be equipped with pressure glue storage barrel, glue storage pressure barrel can hold large quantities of stored glue dispensing, if the choice of small dispensing syringe to glue supply instability caused by missing or leak adhesive, the bad product rate increase.
High speed toughening machine with double position toughened film
The dispensing valve is used for processing the glue dispensing important parts, the user selects high quality dispensing valve can perform metering dispensing, dispensing valve with high sensitivity according to the operating personnel adjust control rubber, glue to strengthen the conversion and use effect, help users to reduce the cost of consumables dispensing work.

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