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The reasons for the need for high speed glue dispenser in pr

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With the dispensing technology continues to mature, more and more industries need to improve product value through the dispensing process, dispensing mode is the most simple manual operation, manual dispensing is the dispensing mode of China's manufacturing industry for a long time, has the characteristics of simple, flexible to use, but the deficiency has become the development the resistance of the industry, so the high performance of the dispenser for production work is very important.
Desktop hot melt adhesive high speed glue machine
Dispensing equipment high speed dispensing machine belongs to a high demand, can meet the production needs of dispensing in different industries, the structure of the product testing system of high accuracy positioning, so as to provide better coating uniform and efficient product external high-speed dispensing machine with high speed and high precision characteristics, so that it can more precision manufacturing the stability of dispensing, small occupied area and convenient operation and easy to use, support the connection of teaching box to adjust the parameters to meet the production of more comprehensive industry.
Three axis high speed glue dispenser
Manual dispensing and automation equipment advantages compared with manual dispensing all gone, the quality of skills, including manual dispensing accuracy is very difficult to control, often appear errors affect the dispensing quality, such as glue glue overflow problem is unable to meet the high demand, high quality glue production, so the use of high-speed dispensing function improvement users of the production quality and efficiency, a more comprehensive function and applicable scope.
High speed toughening machine with double position toughened film
In the industry for the different nature of the glue dispensing machine has high speed of different types, such as for high speed dispensing machine, optical fiber ferrule for dispensing semiconductor high speed dispensing machine, the use of two-component two-component glue dispensing machine, high speed and high precision metering type high speed dispensing machine etc..

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