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Characteristics of high speed glue dispenser

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With the continuous development of dispensing technology and its practical application more and more widely, the production work of the adhesive, packaging, filling all through the dispensing execution, more application of high speed dispensing machine is currently in production in the high speed dispensing machine designed in the main trend of common universal, in the practical application of high speed dispensing machine has the characteristics of what?
High speed glue dispenser for single station hot melt adhesive
High speed dispensing machine equipped with a variety of rubber support for dispensing, ordinary rubber tube has simple operation, convenient use, without too much preparation and other characteristics, mainly used in the production of high requirements for dispensing work, needle for ordinary glue using certain limitations, some special glue not through high-speed dispensing needle machine storage dispensing, need to be equipped with high performance to the normal use of dispensing valve. The high speed glue machine is equipped with glue box and controller to realize high quality and high quality glue mode.
Non standard custom high speed glue machine
High speed dispensing machine is produced through the air compressor pressure driven flow of glue dispensing, if air compressor for pressure instability may cause and influence the effect of dispensing glue and glue dispensing, high-speed preparation before the implementation of a small, only need to complete the path programming and can ensure stability of glue supply.
The application of high quality requirements of the work of production line cannot do without high speed dispensing machine, high-speed dispensing machine with three axis dispensing function, can be a variety of irregular path or seam filling dispensing, applicable industry more comprehensive and higher working efficiency, support a variety of commonly used dispensing accessories, used to meet the high demand of production more in.

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