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The working principle of the manual glue dispenser

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At present, the production of dispensing dispensing machine on the market if it is according to the degree of automation to distinguish words, can be divided into automatic dispensing and manual dispensing machine two, I believe that many people are very understanding of automatic dispensing machine, but the manual dispensing machine is not the solution, then what is the the working principle of this manual dispensing machine?
Micro manual glue dispenser
The working principle of manual dispensing machine is to automatically compress air into pressure pail, press glue into the hose of piston chamber, but do not combine it, and heating and temperature are controlled to make the dispenser operate best. A circular structure is used outside the equipment, and the glue is filled with the vacancy left by the retracting of the circular structure from the seat. When the circular structure comes back, the thrust caused by the speed increase makes the glue flow out, causing the glue to flow from the needle to the specified position.
Small manual glue dispenser
The manual dispensing machine has no mechanical hand and trunk. It is called a hand without a finger, and in most cases it refers to a vacuum sucker or a magnetic sucker. In a word, the robot motion cannot do without linear movement and rotation of two kinds of combination, so it is the main way of the implementation of linear pressure bucket and hydraulic cylinder, electro-hydraulic pulse motor and AC servo motor, servo hydraulic motor, electric DC servo motor to work in the. The arm is often said to be the arm drive.
Micro glue controller
If we want to solve this problem quickly in dispensing, it is suggested that we use the self-made innovative manual dispensing equipment. In addition, we can improve the dispensing accuracy and production efficiency of the products, and we can also use the glue like spring rubber to reduce the errors caused by dispensing.

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