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Noteworthy problems in the production of large and high spee

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With more and more popular industry began to use the dispensing equipment as the production tools, which directly contributed to the rapid increase in sales of dispensing equipment market, the rapid increase in market sales, but also indirectly enhance the intensity of competition in the market, the market competitiveness constantly bad, also accelerated the industry and the increase of the category of performance improvement for example, the new launched in recent years with a series of automatic dispensing machine based automatic dispensing equipment.
Large and high speed visual glue dispenser
Advanced equipment will have when problems occurred, a large high speed dispensing machine is the same, so large high speed dispensing noteworthy problems in the production process are those for? In the production operation of the emergence of these problems, is to make the application user dispensing equipment most troubling thing, such as: glue the size is not uniform, drawing, glue dip pad, curing strength bad chip and so prone to problems in production. The automation technician of the Chinese system has simply explained the solutions to these problems for the users.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
First, the size of the dispensing: according to the working experience, the diameter of the glue point should be half of the pad spacing, and the glue point diameter after the patch should be 1.5 times the diameter of the glue point. In this way, we can ensure that there is enough glue to bond the element to avoid excessive glue dipping. The dispensing to decide how much time by the rotary screw pump, the actual situation should be based on production (room temperature, glue viscosity etc.) rotation time of pump selection; two, dispensing pressure (back): currently used dispensing machine adopts screw pump supply hose dispensing needle to take a pressure to ensure adequate supply of glue screw pump (US CAMALOT5000). The pressure of back pressure is too large to cause the overflow of glue and excessive glue, and the pressure is too small to appear the intermittent phenomenon of the glue, and the defect can be caused by the leakage. The pressure should be selected according to the same quality of glue and working environment temperature. The high temperature of the environment will make the viscosity of the glue smaller and the fluidity better. At this time, the back pressure will be lowered to ensure the supply of glue, and vice versa.
Large scale high speed glue dispenser
Although the above methods can be well applied to the production of dispensing, the actual operation needs to be debugged step by step according to actual needs, so as to achieve the best results.

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