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Problems to be paid attention to in the operation of automat

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The adhesive dispensing machine is equipment, not only can improve the efficiency and quality of products, but also reduce the products in the production process of raw material consumption, reduce production costs, the more important thing is that the device can realize the automatic production mode of large scale. So what kind of automatic dispensing machine to produce good products?
Single station full automatic glue dispenser
First, the amount of glue is determined by the length of the automatic dispensing machine in the dispensing process. It can ensure that enough glue is used to glue the components, and at the same time, it can prevent the waste of raw materials caused by too much glue.
Two, vacuum suction valve must be equipped on the automatic dispensing machine. Vacuum suction function can avoid glue leakage in dispenser.
Return suction valve
Three, in the automatic dispenser industry generally use more glue silicone, instant glue, anaerobic adhesives, epoxy resin, uv.
Four, curing factors: as to the curing of glue, the manufacturers of the adhesive equipment have given the temperature curve. The ordinary room temperature can be cured, in the actual operation as far as possible to use a lower temperature to solidify, so that the glue solidified after enough strength and hardness.
UV glue
Five, specifications and categories: needle needle specifications will affect the dispenser in the dispensing glue quantity and precision, when the pressure in a certain range, the gauge of the needle is greater, the greater the amount of glue, so according to the amount of glue dispensing machine in production needs to locate the number of dispensing the gauge of the needle, the needle diameter average length should be half the diameter of the glue dot, the effect is the best.
This is the problem that the full automatic glue dispenser needs to pay attention to, so long as the attention can be kept in mind in the daily operation, the production will be carried out normally.

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