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High speed glue dispenser control the high precision of proc

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The effect of dispensing is based on parts and operation decisions, both of which are very important factors for dispensing accuracy is also indispensable, all two will affect the speed of dispensing process quality control for precision control need to be very careful, otherwise there will be some deviation dispensing, a little flaw can not yes, the control precision is very high.
Double station high speed glue machine
High speed dispensing accuracy of the confidential to control, you need to use high-end accessories, such as: precision dispensing valve, controller, hose, dispensing needles, drive system and so on, are required to use high-end products, dispensing accuracy is the best, or very good application in various industries to glue effect.
Use each dispensing machine on the market of high-end accessories are very expensive, the effect of dispensing accuracy is also very good, according to the use of different dispensing accessories, to control the dispensing accuracy of each product, high speed dispensing machine application in the industry, is this reason, particularly in the electronics industry and the mobile phone industry, for the accuracy of the very high use of accessories in general is unable to complete these industries have a lot of dispensing, dispensing machines are tried, not to request.
Non standard custom high speed glue machine
The accuracy of the control is to meet the needs of the industry, if there is no way it can not meet the requirement of dispensing is unable to process, quality control, high speed glue dispensing effect can be controlled, it was arranged in the high precision dispensing industry, general technical dispensing is such an effect cannot meet thedispensing the price is also cheaper.
Single station three axis glue dispenser
The speed dispensing machine has strong ability to control the dispensing accuracy. Generally, there will be no dispensing problem. The quantity of production is relatively stable every month. The high speed dispensing machine in the high-end industry is a guarantee for quality.

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