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The development of industry is closely related to glue techn

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With the development of the industry of dispensing dispensing technology has a great relationship, dispensing technology backward for the development of the industry also has some resistance, because of the development of the industry is more and more high, so need dispensing technology will become more and more complex, dispensing accuracy will be more and more high, the pace of development of the industry will not slow down, for example: injection technology can meet the requirements of more high precision industry.
Double station glue dispenser
The development of the industry has also led to the development of dispensing technology, the beginning of the manual dispensing mode, there is no instrument, only then put glue into plastic bottles, a straight needle, so for dispensing, then slowly development of manual dispensing gun, then it is semi automatic dispensing machine, and high speed automatic dispensing machine, injection type the dispensing machine now, finally to look, no one knows how the development of the rubber industry, now more and more small parts, dispensing technology difficulty in improving gradually.
Single station desktop high speed glue machine
There are many different types of market, in order to meet the needs of development of dispensing, dispensing machines, many types such as: high speed dispensing machine, desktop dispensing machine, R axis dispensing machine, circular dispensing machine and so on, these are a unique technology application, the industry also has the same quality, choice of dispensing suitable technological products can improve the function of high speed dispensing dispensing machine is to accelerate the speed of dispensing.
Multi axis linkage high speed glue machine
Is closely related to development and dispensing technology industry, is indispensable, no high-speed dispensing technology, the production of a circuit board are difficult, they are there to promote the role of the market industry continues to improve, the performance of the dispensing machine is the same, so as to achieve mutual promotion.

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