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The glue dispenser provides a higher level of production for

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With the continuous expansion of manufacturing industry production requirements, the need of high performance equipment can be applied more in high demand in the industry in the production line, dispensing technology is an important technology in the production industry, adhesive, coating, encapsulation is mainly used in the production process play an important role, the more higher level of production the function of comprehensive dispensing function for the manufacturing industry.
Desktop single station glue dispenser
The current manufacturing universal automatic dispensing machine for production, automatic dispensing machine of artificial low demand and high work efficiency, high demand is necessary production line equipment dispensing, for users to meet the demand of high production and save manpower cost, improve the product quality and dispensing value through automatic dispensing machine imported stepper motor drive, mechanical axis motion speed smooth, can complete the work of coating bonding of different products, support teaching box for path programming connection operation, to achieve a variety of irregular combinations of point line surface path coating dispensing, suitable for most of the production work.
Three axis automatic glue dispenser
There are a variety of needle dispensing machine can choose for different glue, two-component glue is two kinds of fluid is mixed according to a certain proportion made, you need to apply to the specialized dispensing equipment for dispensing liquid dispensing machine, double support two-component glue dispensing applications, special double liquid rubber valve can be used two kinds of fluid mix of dispensing, control sales more efficient and practical, to enhance the strength of adhesive for application of the work product, and the double glue dispenser of higher accuracy, can complete the complete filling glue to fill the slit in the product objective.
Two component adhesive
The high speed glue dispenser is mainly used in the production line, and the use of high speed glue machine helps to further improve the quality of the product.

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