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High speed optical fiber dispenser will replace traditional

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In early twenty-first Century, the domestic network began to rise, development up to now gradually instead of the use of optical fiber cable line type, line type data transmission speed because of relatively backward, are now used instead of cable, cable and production technology are also gradually improve, has been how to reduce cable area, some glue requirements will be promoted with the requirements of the upgrade from the traditional manual dispensing fiber to high-speed dispensing machine now.
Double station optical fiber high-speed glue dispenser
Every kind of industry progress there will be another industry will be replaced, the traditional manual way of dispensing fiber is a good example, because the manual dispensing mode dispensing velocity, accuracy, and precision are not able to meet the requirements of cable dispensing, so manual dispensing gradually falls at the end of the high speed dispensing machine gradually replace the dispensing position it.
Double head hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing dispensing technology after a long time of development has been greatly improved, especially in terms of speed, the use of imported motor and servo motor, two kinds of motor assisted dispensing machine not only in terms of speed, but also can regulate the quantity of cement, improve the precision dispensing machine in cable dispensing, using two kinds of motors are the automatic control system control, without manual debugging, high-speed dispensing machine can control the motor speed according to the requirements of dispensing cable.
Double station hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
The traditional manual dispensing can not meet the market demand and cable dispensing requirements, enterprises invested in high-speed dispensing machine is cable production machine, high speed dispensing machine to replace the traditional manual is not the result of accident, but inevitable, because the traditional manual dispensing technology stop fiber technology has reached the limit of the dispensing and manual dispensing. The machine can solve the problem of technology and speed, so high speed dispensing machine replaces the traditional manual way of optical fiber.

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