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Stable and high speed glue mode can improve product quality

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Dispensing is an important step to be implemented in most production processes. For example, encapsulation, bonding, filling and so on all need to be completed by dispensing machine. To ensure stable and high-speed dispensing mode helps to improve the quality and efficiency of products, how to achieve this goal?
Multi axis linkage dispensing machine
Maintain the normal operation of the dispensing device is a very important step, such as dispensing valve, dispensing needles, dispensing glue will affect the quality of dispensing speed, if the work will cause the dispensing quality is not stable, if the speed is too slow and will affect the production efficiency by using the adjusted by the controller to help to strengthen the quality of dispensing, important factors also affect the stability of viscosity glue dispensing glue, poor fluidity and high viscosity, resulting in low efficiency and poor dispensing, can reduce the viscosity by heating the glue dispensing function high speed stably dispensing.
Desktop high speed glue dispenser
Due to the special nature of the use of glue, if not used for dispensing valve and the dispensing needle, directly affect the quality of the dispensing work, with UV as an example, if the dispensing valve and dispensing needle with general type, when the UV will encounter UV curing in the high speed flow, the use of UV glue dispensing needles should choose amber the color of dispensing, can effectively prevent the UV curing fast in the flow process and influence the stability of dispensing.
Interactive thimble pin valve
High speed electric pneumatic dispensing machine than ordinary rubber machine work more stable and more efficient, pneumatic dispensing machine to supply the strong dependence, if the source of instability may lead to leakage and other bad shortcomings, so the high quality production line will use electric high-speed dispensing machine stable work of production.

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