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Electric high speed glue dispenser provides more stable work

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The adhesive dispensing machine is the equipment for product manufacture, in the dispensing process through precise control and glue coating, drip, sealing, water and other forms of action on the surface of the product or automation equipment inside the product, in fact, the working principle of pneumatic type dispensing machine is simple, the glue into the pressure barrel in the compressed air to start to push the glue and feed pipe connected to the pipeline, the electromagnetic valve gives a signal, the piston begins to move through the piston force to control how much the amount of glue, and the glue and the needle head is extruded through a hose to the specified location. This process is the working principle of the pneumatic glue dispenser.
Desktop electric high speed glue machine
Of course, with the dispensing machine production technology continues to improve, and now the dispensing machine types and functions are increasing, such as: hot melt glue dispensing machine, silicone dispensing machine, high-speed anaerobic adhesive dispensing machine, glue dispensing machine, there are exceptions like non-contact: jet point glue machine and electric type. Type electric high-speed dispensing machine etc..
Barrel type high speed glue dispenser
With the rapid improvement of material life, people's demand for physical products is also improving. The products that people need are no longer as casual as they used to be, and tend to be high quality, cost-effective, cheap and so on. Therefore, in the daily dispensing production, the pneumatic dispensing machine is often unstable due to the unstable air pressure, resulting in uneven output of glue, resulting in frequent products missing and leak points.
Multi axis high speed glue dispenser
Therefore, in order to better meet the needs of the market, the electric dispensing machine came into being. Compared with the pneumatic dispensing machine, the electric dispensing machine has higher stability in the energy supply, so the dispensing quality will be better.

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