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The characteristics of a universal high speed pin dispenser

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High speed needle dispensing machine high-speed dispensing machine has two different dispensing mode, a dispensing valve using machinery, the other one is to use the syringe needle, mainly in high speed dispensing machine are analyzed, characteristics of each dispensing machine is not the same, need to be judged according to the real situation so, in order to find the characteristics of high speed dispensing machine, or use the glue to know what point in this industry.
Desktop single station high speed glue machine
The use of universal needle high speed dispensing machine will have a little advantage, although very simple needle, dispensing machine may seem simple, but the performance is very good, can use a variety of different types of glue, can also store some glue in the dispensing process does not let off glue, glue industry distribution widely.
What are the characteristics of the needle high speed glue machine? First, the use of many kinds of glue, second, applied more widely, and the replacement of third glue will not be broken glue, fourth, dispensing accuracy control by dispensing needles, fifth, has a suction function and so on, these are the characteristics of high speed dispensing machine, and dispensing machine advantages, according to the characteristics of small can let the industry to choose better dispensing equipment.
Anaerobic adhesive
The characteristics of high speed dispensing machine or more, also shows that the dispenser is a good equipment, although the use of dispensing syringe backward instead of the dispensing valve manufacturing process, but now the needles increased very much, still be able to meet the needs of the industry to.
Rubber sleeve needle
The production process of dispensing machine accessories has been relatively mature. According to the dispensing effect, we can draw many conclusions, and then make better dispensing equipment to meet the market demand. The jet high-speed dispensing machine is a good result.

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