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Influence of viscosity of glue on high speed dispenser

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The needle belongs to very simple accessories, just after a simple plastic dispensing mode, is the need to use pressure extrusion to complete the task for the viscosity of the glue dispensing, require relatively large number of applications to the needle cylinder will affect the normal operation of high speed dispensing machine, while dispensing equipment to dispensing is manufacturing, but not each high speed dispensing machine can use how glue, need the right to complete the task of dispensing glue.
Steel syringe needle
The viscosity of the glue dispensing machine using the high speed needle can not be too low, low viscosity glue will automatically leak adhesive, it will not be able to complete dispensing, low viscosity glue is a certain fluidity, no needle suction function, can prevent the leakage of glue, so the viscosity of the glue use must be high, so can prevent the leakage of glue, the needle cylinder high speed dispensing machine will not be affected.
Barrel type high speed glue dispenser
Effect of high speed glue dispensing machine is very large, the use of appropriate glue plays an important role in the effect of dispensing, although produced in order to meet the requirements of glue dispensing machine, but not every type of high speed dispensing equipment will be able to use all of the glue, according to the use of different parts with different glue, this is common sense. High speed needle dispensing machine can use medium viscosity glue, according to the effect of complete dispensing task.
Viscosity or have a certain role in the effect of dispensing, in the use of different types of high speed dispensing equipment, if you do not know what place, can consult the dispensing machine manufacturers, because the production of various equipment manufacturers, for dispensing equipment understand more deeply, you know what type of glue can be used after consultation so, you know apply the glue dispensing needle cylinder speed.
Desktop pin high speed glue machine
The online high-speed dispensing machine has much better performance than the syringe high-speed dispensing machine, but it will also be able to use various kinds of glue, but it can meet the requirements of some industries.

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