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What is the working accuracy of a programmable high-speed di

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High speed dispensing machine in the dispensing industry is famous for its high precision and high speed, can operate in dispenser for dispensing a lot of industry, because the program-controlled high speed dispensing robot with dispensing function is very good, do not need to use the programmable operation parameters used to manually adjust the speed of the robot, high speed dispensing machine now has replaced the dispensing operation the traditional dispensing machine, high-speed dispensing robot is a computer vision system and can be used to detect the quality of the products.
AB high speed dispensing robot
The use of programmable dispensing type high speed dispensing robot, precision and speed are far more than the manual dispensing, dispensing accuracy can reach 0.005 ml, repeated dispensing accuracy may reach 0.03mm, to operate in many industries dispensing dispensing dispensing can, which is why high speed dispensing machine capable of dispensing in these industries.
Hot melt adhesive three axis high speed dispensing robot
The dispensing accuracy can achieve such precision with configuration of the system is the use of glue dispensing valve, high-speed dispensing robot control computer system, but the use of the visual system to detect the glue, it appeared a little alarm, can effectively prevent the problem of glue, plus accessories to provide precision power step motor.
High speed dispensing machine working accuracy is relatively high, which can meet the requirements on chip level dispensing such work, the accuracy has reached the most top, so enough to meet the need of dispensing dispensing high-speed dispensing machine.
Multi axis high speed dispensing robot
The accuracy is the scope of application of dispensing machine is found widely, and high speed dispensing machine can be used in the electronics industry, LED industry, mobile phone industry, these are the need of precision dispensing, all high-speed dispensing robot's accuracy is relatively good.

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